Rolf’s story



For my family in South Africa, going to church was a tradition. Even going to a religious school, I never got to know God; never had a relationship with him. Consequently I got lost through life. I was in a loving and caring family but life became very unsatisfying for me. I was a pretty good sportsman—a jack of all trades and a master of none. I can surf, water ski, snow ski. I played first team for all my sports but as life carried on, I found that there was still a niggling hollowness.

When I came over to the UK in 1998, things became quite bad. I had some destructive relationships. Things looked rosy on the outside—I had a good job, earned good money. There were parties to be had, I was still single. But it was all on the outside. Things were stewing up, questions were being asked and I had about six years when I was quite depressed. I solved my unhappiness in many ways that I wouldn’t care to share.

It was only when I met my present wife—my only wife actually—Karen, that things took a turn. It was strange, that, whilst we were married and she had two lovely children, I was still unhappy. I was still unsatisfied. It was only in 2007 that I came to know God and came to know his love—that I actually found peace.


Rolf talks about how he found peace of mind

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