Steve’s story

I’m a quiet person. I like to get on with things usually by myself. I don’t mix very easily with large crowds. I like photography. I enjoy cycling and I do a bit of gardening. I work in a camping store that sells outdoor clothes and camping equipment.

When I was 11 I was given a couple of Bibles from the local church and the local school. I did read the gospels and I also read Psalm 23. Originally I accepted Jesus as a man but rejected his miracle stories. Over the years I kept going back to Psalm 23 and reading it. I couldn’t work out why—maybe the whole psalm or maybe just a verses of it.

Then I met some guys at a party. They came across the room and I had a chat to them. I was sitting by myself at the time. One of them introduced me to the Alpha. It was quite good. It wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting vicars and dog collars giving sermons but it wasn’t like that at all. It was all plain English speaking. I bought another Bible, reread the gospels and realised that Jesus was the son of God and the miracle stories were true.
I got more involved with church and help out with Cabaret Connexions and do various things in the church—setting up and all that sort of stuff. My spiritual life has changed somewhat. I’m more involved in helping people out. I do a lot more praying. I don’t let things dwell on my mind much now. I say a quick prayer and forget about it. I’m more at ease now in approaching people and talking—that type of thing.

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